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Year 10 Summer Homework

Choose 2 tasks to do from this list:

The Fault in our Stars trailer:

  1. Discuss representation in this trailer (write at least 500 words). You may consider the representation of:
    1. Teenagers
    2. Illness


  1. List all of the camera shots in this trailer and analyse any that have a specific effect (ie. Close up to show emotion)

Michael Jackson’s Black or White Video

  1.  Discuss how race is represented in this video. Do you thin race and culture is stereotyped? (write 500 words)


  1. Analyse the editing techniques in the video:


  1. Which techniques are used
  2. Do they enhance meaning?


  1. Using a clip of your choice, write an analysis of the soundtrack. Make sure the clip has at least 3 different types of sound in it.


  1. Using a clip of your choice, write an analysis of the editing techniques used, explaining the effect of each transition.



  1. Find an  example of juxtaposition editing (type that term into Youtube) and write a PEE/PEA paragraph analysing the effect of it


  1. Using editing software of your choice, film and edit a scene demonstrating 3 of the following techniques:
    1. Cross cutting
    2. Non continuity
    3. Fast pace

(this will need to be handed in in electronic format)