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During the year 7 course there are projects on; Portraits, Architecture and Landscape. We will look at a range of artists within these topics and you will learn how to use and develop your skills with a variety of materials.

During the year 8 course there are projects on; Shared View, Form and Structure and Animation. Within the Shared View project we will look at art from other cultures. We will explore art based on different religions, Aboriginal Art and the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. Within the Form and Structure project we look at artists who have used still life objects within their work, particularly looking at the work of Michael Craig Martin. For the Animation project you will create your own animated film based on figures and film sets that you design and make.


There are a range of artists and projects that are covered in year 9 where you will explore artists who have looked at real life events and reflected this within their work. The course is designed to help you prepare for taking Art GCSE, focusing on helping you develop the different skills you would need for this option.