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Design Technology

Using the free dowload version of Google Sketchup produce designs for the specific competitions or the open comp. Upload the screendumps of the models, as well as uploading the model onto the 3D wairhouse account name, the paass word is Tanbridge.

In Year 8 you will start to look at the wider world of design technology and how we design for other people. You will use a wide range of tools, skills and materials to produce successful outcomes.

In Year 9 you will experiment with a wide range of tools, materials and processes, whilst looking at the wider commercial world. Gaining a greater understanding of how things in the real world are designed, made and used.
Year 11 Resistant materials, spends most of the year working on a single large coursework project. A design and make project of your choice, looking at a need and working through the research, design, development, planning, making, testing and evaluation of a prototype.